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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 3, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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at safeway. ingredients for life. a 14-year-old high school freshman out to buy candy brutally stabbed blocks from his home. >> and tonight police make an arrest. another 14-year-old boy, but a motive is unknown. >> i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama dates. williams was stabbed last night outside a market in the mission district. >> a a bc7 news -- abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is live with this story. >> guys, grief counselors will be available at sacred heart cathedral prep which is where he started weeks ago. friends said all he wanted to do was get good grades and get football. >> the -- we want to thank the williams family. >> a team prayer for williams who played for the san
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francisco warriors football team just last season. >> for a small kid he had a lot of power. all he wanted to do was play. >> he was a standout on the field and off. >> we are talking about a kid that told his mom i am going to harvard. once i graduate i will get you out of this place. >> his life was cut short on tuesday night. police say he was stabbed outside rueben's market at 26th and folsom after buying candy inside. his mother rushed him to the hospital where he died. police have arrested a 14-year-old suspect who attended the same middle school. according to the chief. >> the homicide detail worked through the night. they did a great job and we are very certain that we have the right suspect. >> police are not revealing a motive, but they have been threatening him on social media. >> he had a lot of friends.
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from kindergarten up to eighth grade. >> he was a 4.0 freshman and they had just made the football team. students and staff here are devastated by his loss. friends and mentors say this team will never be forgotten. >> always smiling. there is nothing negative coming out of him. >> a teen with a bright future gone too soon. >> an incident involving an off duty firefighter is sparking controversy tonight in oakland. a firefighter says his two children were traumatized after the three of them were briefly detained by police last month. police were called to fire station 29 because of concerns the doors were left open while firefighters were on a call. when police arrived keith jones and his children were inside. the entire incident was captured on the officer's body camera. >> put your hands up. >> i am an oakland firefighter.
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>> now, the firefighter's children are crying in the background. in less than two minutes the situation changed dramatically after checking his identification the officer apologized. >> jones believes he was racially profiled because he is black a and the officer is white. jones has filed a formal complaint with police, internal affairs and the citizens review board. oakland police officials say the officer's response was within policy. we have posted the video on on our website. new details tonight. a north bay business owner is snapping pictures of an illegally parked car capturing photos of a much more serious crime. she was taking pictures of a mini-van when two men bolted pr david's jewelry store next door. she captured images of a get
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away van. the driver and a suspect with a red bag. >> they just came in and rushed out of the mini-van and ran into david's and ran back out. it was quick. it was a robbery happening. it was spooky. >> the police chief got into an accident with another car while responding. no one was hurt. police are searching for the robbers saying they are confident that these pictures will help solve this case. >> a magnitude 2.9 quake struck near palo alto. it happened near 8:30. we received a few calls from viewers who felt the shaking and it probably went unnoticed by most. >> we are learning more about a raid on a san an -- sannen sal mow home. he was arrested yesterday on charges of human trafficking, kidnapping and criminal threat. the arrest comes nearly two weeks after a high risk warrant search at this san
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enselmo home. police did to the release anymore details. >> new details a in the case of a serial stowaway. we are getting a first look at the latest run in with the law. you can see police stoping marilyn hartman in this video from sky harbor international. hartman is bared at being without a ticket. she sneaked on to a plane in san jose and was arrested forgetting past security several times at sfo. some developing news out of reno where a sigh yins experiment at a mu -- science experiment at a museum took a dangerous turn. they were hurt in a chemical flash at the discovery museum. it happened during a tornado experiment when chemicals were mixed incorrectly. eight children and one adult received care at a hospital for minor burns and smoke inhalation. >> tesla is expected to reveal where it will build a gigafactory. california was being considered, but the factory
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will be built elsewhere. alyssa harrington is reporting live. >> the governor is expected to make the official announcement, but tesla will not confirm anything. i did get a chance to speak with people today and they of course are disappointed. rejection is never easy. especially for some state lawmakers who tried aggressively to woo the company to set up the factory here. >> we are disappointed, but it is not the end of the world. >> it is a blow to california says a spokesman for the bay area council. tesla motors plans to open a giga factory to mass high-tech batteries for their electric cars. it is reported the $5 billion plant will break ground in nevada. >> we want to look and see what happened and what this deal is going to look like. what we can do differently to respond and make sure california comes out first next time.
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>> state lawmakers have been trying to lure shoppers to tesla. >> we provided huge benefits to the bottom line. >> i am devastated in the fact that the factory was not landed here in california. >> the factory is expected to create more than 6,000 jobs. i reached out to tesla and part of it reads discussions with other states in the process are on going. we have always said we anticipated breaking ground at more than one site. some people i talked to in fremont, home to tesla's manufacturing plant are excited that the company is expanding. >> it is sad that it is not going to be in our area, but i think their success in anyway is definitely going to help out with our success since the factory is in the bay area. >> abc7 news. >> it is something that will stay with her always. this college student's powerful protest. why she plans to carry this mattress until her school takes action.
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>> and things didn't play out as planned for this local band. why they are now missing most of their instruments in a story you you will see only on abc news. >> and the doling -- the dog that is wasting no time. the pooch with a purpose is making a big splash tonight. >> i'm abc7 news meteorologist sand yaw patel. low clouds and fog are back like clockwork, but when will the summer heat return? first here is jimmy kimmle. >> here is some of the magic that is waiting for you after the news. i have a wood fired oven in my yard. i am pickling things. i am chopping the heads off things. >> i am so
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protesting how school officials handled the rape case by carrying her mattress with her everywhere. she says that it is a literal expression of the emotional weight of her rape. despite two other women also filing complaints, the man was found not responsible and is still attending columbia. she is one of the students filing a complaint for mishandling assault case. >> another reason why accuracy counts on airlines. the plane came close to crashing earlier this year after 87 children on a school trip were mistakenly listed as adults. the error threw off the weight calculations and the takeoff settings. in a report, the plane's load was found to be off by 3.5 tons. the error made the plane nose heavy and difficult to liftoff. >> and an annual trip to san francisco by a north bay high
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school band played out. someone hopes they will return the instruments they lost. abc7 news reporter wayne freedman has a story you will only see on abc7 news. it is only a few miles from the big city, but light years in attitude. it was distant enough. >> it is about being a victim in a way. they came in and stole something that belonged to us. they took something away that can never, ever be replaced. the trouble began last week was that for most the star-spangled banner for a 20th consecutive year the san francisco giants asked the band to play before a game. 100 students obliged. >> i thought the performance was wonderful. what happened after that was not. before taking their seats the band went to store their
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instruments. when doing so they left one bin on the side. only then did they realize the unthinkable happened. >> somebody took our bin of flutes and clarinets. >> some owned by the school and others by students. cameron lost a flute that was in her family for 35 years. >> well, my mom got it when she first started playing the flute. when she was a little kid, she was passed it down to me. >> she walked through the door and slammed the door and started screaming and crying. she actually couldn't talk for the longest time. >> like many other kids they found you can do it with a barrowed instrument. they found nothing. >> it is heartbreaking. >> so now the band is looking for donations unless the thief has a change of heart. if he does and he returns the bin, one promise from the band
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leader. >> no questions asked. i would love to get the instruments back. >> abc7 news. >> if you can help the high school band we have information on our website. to developing news yelp can give paying clients better reviews under the law. they ruled against companies that claim their five star ratings disappeared after they refused to buy ads. they found no evidence yelp coerced companies to buy ads and has a right to decide which reviews get posted. the san francisco-based company addamently denies giving paying clients more favorable reviews. the new iphone has not been announced and people are already lining up for it. this is outside the flagship store in new york city. these campers are more than just enthusiasts. they are entrepreneurs and plan to sell their spots in line for hundreds of dollars. apple is holding an event next tuesday when the iphone 6 is expected to be unveiled. >> we now know the final two women taking over on "the
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view." actress rosy perez and republican political individualser nicole wallace are expected to join whoopi goldberg and rosie o'donnell at the desk next week. it debuts on monday, september 15th here on abc7 at 10:00 a.m. some dogs just really, really love the water. look at this. a pet owner in cicily has created a unique video by attaching a go pro camera to his dog's back. walter the labrador is very excited to enjoy the last few days of summer. he rockets down a winding path toward the water. his owner says walter lustles >> his owner says walter loves the sea. >> it makes me smile. he knew exactly where he was going. >> we would have done the same thing. >> put a go pro camera on your back. >> sandhya patel is here with that. sandhya? >> it is so cute to see that dog jumping into the
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mediterranean. we have our own climate that we will keep coming. looking at a this time lapse video, it is a beautiful evening as you watch the marine layer rolling over the hills. it is a pretty deep marine layer tonight. let's check out live doppler 7hd. i will show you where it is right now. it is covering a good portion of the north bay. we do have fog along the coastline. the visibility down to half moon bay. it is all the way out toward the east bay right now. there is a concern for fire danger up in northern california. the red flag warning in effect until 5:00 p.m. tomorrow night. this area is expecting heat begin. obviously raising the fire danger so we wanted to pass that on to you. this is what you will have to contend with. the temperatures are pretty mild in the low to mid60s right now from san francisco and oakland and san jose and morgan hill.
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as we look at another perspective from our sfo camera, visibility is good right now. we are not seeing the low ceilings. tomorrow morning it could be a different story. 64 in fairfield and in livermore and here is a view from our exploratorium camera. do expect some fog for the morning commute which means watch out during the morning hours. a wide range of temperatures tomorrow and we are expecting it to turn warmer on friday. as you look at our fog forecast, it is going to be pretty foggy around the coast and near the bay. first thing in the morning the fog will pull away, but it will never quite leave the coast. we will go with a typical pattern tomorrow afternoon with the fog lingering and the inland and bayside communities will enjoy the sun and the temperatures will be close to today's levels. today with earlier clearing and a weaker sea breeze the temperatures did come up. you may want to grab a light jacket or sweater when you head out the door. and then for the afternoon expect 83 in the south bay and san jose. cupertino, 74 santa cruz and
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88 in gilroy on the peninsula. low 80s for mountain view and redwood city. along the coast here the fog will hang around. mid60s in half moon bay. 71 in downtown san francisco and in the north bay you will see the 60s at the coast. it is all the way up to the 90s around ukiah and clear lake and cloverdale. 84 in santa rosa and out toward the east bay you start out with the overcast skies and sunny and mild for oakland. 82 fremont and inland spots you will run warm again. 90 degrees in livermore. 86 in san ramon. 90 in fairfield. the accu-weather seven-day forecast, we will bump up the temperatures. let's call for some summer heat. on friday it will get hot. upper 60s along the coast. we will hold you close to that. we cool it off a few degrees. on sunday and monday, the temperatures will be out of the 90s on monday. we are looking at 80s, dan and ama. >> thank you, sandhya. now we want to turn to sports and a constitutional lesson. >> courtesey of jim harbaugh,
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right? >> yes, we have been in the law library. coach harbaugh, football coach and 5th amendment protector little the niners coach on the team's plans foray mcdona
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the 49ers are stuck in a quandry. they want to take a stand on domestic violence, but first and foremost they are in the business to win football games and ray mcdonald can a help them win sunday in dallas. what we got today was coach jim harbaugh was being peppered with questions about how the team will handle the arrest for allegedly abusing his fiancee over the weekend. it looks like he is prepping to pay on sunday. harbaugh would not even say who would make the call on the suspension of the tackle.
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he says mcdonald deserves due process. >> what i am saying is we owe to everyone involved the respect for due process. >> the constitution is not to put someone in jail and not whether he is playing football or not. that's the difference. >> man or woman is not to be punished before due process occurs. raise your hand if you are not in favor of due process. nfl commissioner roger goodell who only days ago issued harsh new penalties says the league is monitoring this situation. >> well, i think the first thing you have to do is let the process play out. make sure you understand all of the circumstances. we don't right now and we are obviously following it closely. but the policy has applied uniformly.
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a's. the game against seattle and helix on the mound. the a's and m's closing out their series. high, deep and aloha off felix dunn. the only run they scored today though. kyle seager and cory heart go back to back. he says those are the only mistakes all day. the a's lose it 2-1, but they stay four and a halfback of the angels who also lost.
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giants and rockies and buster posey is at mile high right now. he is hitting .480 in his last 14 games. it is 2-1 giants and vogel song and yiex gave up four -- yikes, gave up four homers. the giants will rock 9-2, but they stay two back of the dodgersers who also lost. this is funny because he is talking to himself here. he is driving himself crazy. djokovic is helping. he is lobing them and he knows that murray is cramping up and he is in all kinds of agony. match point into the net as the joker moves on. djokovic is in such great condition. 7-6, 6-7, 6-2 and 6-4. it is an entertaining match to watch. murray was -- both of them were going through fits where they were talking to themselves and frustrated and pounding the rocket and in -- founding the racket.
11:31 pm
>> djokovic is in great shape and intense. >> they are very -- it is entertaining to to watch and djokovic is so well conditions , like he could play for hours and hours and hours. he is still fresh. >> thanks, larry. >> stay with us. whoo! mmm! ♪ ♪ oh, yeah [ male announcer ] discover your new orleans. start exploring at
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wake up weather. it could be slow going thanks to the fog and low clouds. give yourself a little more time. there could be spotty e.izzl 50s and 60s in the morning. nice niko will be tracking the -- mike niko will be tracking the weather. that's our report. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama dates. abc news continues on-line, on twitter, facebook, all of your local devices with the abc7 news app.
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the next newscast is at 4:30. >> we appreciate your time. "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- gwyneth paltrow. terry crews. and music from shawn mendes. with cleto and the cletones. and now, believe it or not, here is jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hello. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching, thank you for coming. welcome to our crowd


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